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Troubleshooting Tips for Video Cards

Here are some basic trouble shooting tips for new monitors:

  • Check that the card is seated properly in its expansion slot. Some AGP cards have design flaws and are “well-known” to “pop out” during transportation. For PCI cards, if the problem still exists, try a difference PCI expansion slot.

  • Ensure the display cable is securely fastened to the card’s display connector.

  • Make sure that the display and computer are plugged in and receiving power.

  • If necessary, disable any built-in graphics capabilities on your motherboard. For more information, see your computer’s manual.

  • Make sure you selected the appropriate display device and graphics card when you installed your enhanced driver.

  • If you problems during start-up, start your computer in Safe Mode. In Windows 98, press the F8 key when “Starting Windows 98” appears; or, in Windows 98 press and hold the CTLR key until the Windows 98 Startup Menu appears on the screen. Then select the number for Safe Mode, and press Enter.

Hopefully these computer maintenance tips will keep you out of trouble. However, if you have problems with your computer, feel free to Call 98422 17707 or mail us.

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